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Here are some comments from our satisfied clients. If you would like to add your own words, please click here and enter your thoughts. We will only post your first name, first initial of your last name, and your town. Thank you!

I want to say that Pet Heaven is the most wonderful place and the owner Joe is out of this world with helping people preparing the passing of their animals. Sunday March 19th 2017 I lost my wonderful and best friend Rocco to a spleen rupture and had to be euthanized. It broke my heart that day and forever will. It was Sunday and Joe was happy to answer his phone and open the building for me to bring my dog there he was wonderful enough to let me also say my final goodbye to Rocco ... He is the most wonderful man, can't thank him enough and definitely will be bringing my other pets to him in the future.
- Kerrie R

First, I would like to say I didn't have the same experience at your establishment as the rest of the testimonials. My Dakota passed away on March 7th. I just want to let you know it devastating to me.He was my son, my best friend and my constant companion for 14 years,2 months,and 6 days. The girl that took care of the billing kept referring to him as "her".I couldn't believe that she kept saying that. IT WAS ON THE PAPERWORK. I couldn't even correct her because I was grieving and could barely speak. I was offended when I was offered a little cheap tin box for his remains which I refused. (I'm pretty sure I was offered this because I looked a mess and had to carry my best friends lifeless body to the car to bring him in, I spent over $15,000 on him in the last year for his health I certainly wasn't going to be cheap for him now). I was promised that I was to receive a call back on Friday March 10th to pick him up,which I never got. I called on Monday March 13th to see if my boy was ready to come home. Again the women called him a "she". I finally got a call to picked him up on Tuesday March 14th (from a man who seemed very sympathetic)--I just wanted to let you know I felt-crushed-and my boy was given to my daughter,NOT SHOWN TO ME(it's almost as if I wasn't in the room), then put back in a black gift bag handed to her and was told very bubbly "Have a nice day". REALLY? Do you think I wanted to carry my boys remains out like I just bought a necklace from Jared's because that's how I felt. To this business he was nothing more than a wad of cash, he was a pure bred,a sir and should be treated as thus. my experience was not only insensitive and impersonal, it was just as much of a travesty as when I lost him. That was my experience,something that I will always remember. *********************** Owners response to Lindstrom testimonial: *********************** As owner of Pet Heaven, I personally want to express my condolences for the loss of your Dakota. More importantly I want to apologize that you weren't satisfied with our services. I've attempted to contact you personally but received no response. We have helped thousands of grieving pet owners for over nine years and have only received two other complaints. I believe that even one dissatisfied client in too many. The employee that helped you and your daughter with the paperwork regularly refers to pets as "your baby" but may have inadvertantly used the word "her". Some pets names and appearances lead us to believe that they are a different gender. All clients are offered two styles of "no cost" metal urns unless they indicate otherwise. We stock in excess of fifty urns but don't try to sell anything to grieving pet owners unless they indicated otherwise. Most, if not all, cremations are complete within a few business days. Your Dakota was cremated within one day of us receiving him. If a client chooses a wooden urn and wants it personally engraved, as in your case, it may take up to one week. We apologize if you believed that everything would be complete in three days and disagree that you were promised that because our local engraver only delivers once per week. We directed most of our conversation to "Jamie" both times because she indicated,in writing, that she was the owner, signed that paperwork in four different places, and paid for our services with her credit card. I also apologize for my employee wishing you a nice day. She is a very caring, compassionate pet owner and was only trying to be polite. We vehemently disagree that Dakota was nothing but a "wad of cash". Our pricing is very reasonable, if not the lowest, in western New York. He was respectfully and compassionately carried in to our funeral home by my staff and a prayer was said for him at the time of his cremation. There are many stages of grief, one of which is anger. We accept your anger toward us, and again apologize for what you perceive as our errors but will try to learn from this experience. Joseph Wales, owner
- Jackie/Jamie L

Last month my baby of almost 17 years joined her grandma in heaven. Joe and the staff at Pet Heaven are the most wonderful caring people you will ever meet that will help you through this difficult time. Thank you all for your compassion in my time of sorrow. I will miss my baby forever. Love you, Midgy Rook. Mom
- Paula R
Blasdell, NY

This evening, after a celebration with close friends, I said goodbye to my beautiful Margo. As a veterinarian, I had referred many people to Pet Heaven; tonite I had the peace of mind that my girl would be respectfully cared for by Joe. I was fortunate enough to be able to arrange her passing at home with friends; followed by a toast to her life and then Joe came to collect her. I am sad, yet realize how fortunate I am to have access to such a service- after hours, and over 30 min away...and further offered himself as a person to talk or vent to about the loss...Thank you Joe, your empathy is without question and makes that difficult time just that much easier. Peace, Lisa
- Lisa K
Town of Tonawanda

Two months ago, my beautiful cat, Yoda was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a fast spreading cancer. Yesterday I had to make the heart wrenching decision to send him home. I want to thank Banfield hospital for telling me about Pet Heaven (what a place, with kind caring people), I also would like say thank you to Joe for taking the time to talk to me over the phone and giving the name of a wonderful vet to take Yodi to!!
- Linda S

Thank you for every thing you did for our golden retriever molson warner in our hearts thank you for everything you did for our molson
- Tim W


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